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Ray is frequently asked to speak at numerous Fortune 500 Corporations and Universities.


Because Ray has a variety of very exciting business and marketing topics to keep audiences engaged, informed and entertained.


To retain Ray as a Speaker for your next event, Click Here


Topics available upon request. 


Business Consulting


Retain Ray Garza as a Business Consultant  in the following areas:


  • Creative

  • Branding

  • Strategic Direction

  • New Product Development

  • Latino Marketing

  • Political Market

  • Event Marketing

  • Crisis Management


To Retain Ray as a Business Consultant, Click Here




If you wish to Retain Ray Garza to Create, Produce and/or Direct an upcoming Music, Television, Film or Event Project, please Click Here




Ray Garza currently has many Internet, Stage, Music, Television and Film Projects in Development.


For future Casting updates, please follow Ray on Twitter @RayGarzaVegas


If you are a Professional Talent and would like to Submit your Resume for us to Consider for upcoming Projects, Click Here

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